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Start campaign directly no experience necessary

Our experienced customer service will discuss with you how the campaign should be built. It does not matter whether you were able to gain first-hand experience with Google Ads already, or start in search engine marketing at 0. The rest is also quite easy for you. We identify the important keywords, write the ad text and insert the appropriate region for you. We take care of the technical implementation of the campaign and pay the bill settlement with Google. And most importantly, we take care of the maintenance of these elements during the campaign period.

The advertising agency publoCity has been certified by Google as a partner. Note also the Guide to Working with a third-party partners of Google.

Measuring success if useful with contact requests

Your customers often call you? As part of our lead package we measure in addition to the Impressions and clicks on your website, all contact requests via phone, fax, email or contact form. Of course, we also offer a revenue tracking for webshops. If contacts or sales are not relevant, we offer you a click package. In our online reporting you can view all relevant data in your Google Ads campaign and assess the results and evaluate transparent. In addition, we will inform you via email every week on the results obtained.

Continuous optimization of your Google Ads campaign

Based on the data collected your campaign will be maintained by us daily. We determine the optimal bid values for your keywords and the optimal distribution of your budget to individual campaigns and ad text. The parameters are automatically adjusted with the aim of achieving the best possible result for you economically. We use our own bid management technology for this.

Your target audience lives in Russia? Our optimization system can also control campaigns on Yandex, the main search engine of Russia.

Google Certified Partner